Which one is the strongest metal: Adamantium or Vibranium?

Vibranium vs Adamantium

Two of the strongest metal in the Marvel Universe are Vibranium and Adamantium. Ever wondered who would win a fight between Wolverine’s claw vs Captain America’s shield? It’s the question of decades among marvel fans. Which metal is stronger? Virtually Indestructible Adamantium or Vibrations absorbing Vibranium. As a matter of fact, each of them has … Read more

MCU Thunderbolts: Members and Powers Explained

Thunderbolts Marvel

After Avengers: Endgame, the MCU is going to diversify a lot. Not to Mention, Doctor Strange 2 is going to explore the multiverse in the MCU. Soon Marvel is going to introduce Thunderbolts in the MCU. Don’t worry if you don’t know what Thunderbolts is. That’s what I’m going to explain in this article. According … Read more

10 Most Powerful Anti-Heroes From Marvel Universe


According to the definition from Wikipedia, An antihero or antiheroine is a main character in a story. He/She is the one who lacks conventional heroic qualities and attributes such as idealism, courage, and morality. Marvel also has a lot of Anti-heroes and heroines. Although antiheroes may sometimes perform actions that are morally correct. It is … Read more

She-Hulk rumored to have a cameo in WandaVision

She-Hulk in WandaVision

Today, we have exciting news for all the MCU fans. She-Hulk is rumored to appear in WandaVision. It’s been reported that She-Hulk is going to debut in MCU in the upcoming Disney Plus WandaVision series. She-Hulk, aka Jennifer Walters the cousin of Bruce Banner. She is a Lawyer by profession. It’s being rumored that she will have … Read more

Ant-man 3 will introduce Fantastic Four in the MCU in Phase 5

Ant-Man 3 will introduce fantastic four

As we all know recently Marvel Studios has made the decision to move ahead with the third ‘Ant-man‘ film. Earlier it was reported that Ant-Man will move to Disney Plus. But now it’s confirmed that Ant-Man 3 is happening. With that, there’s also good news for Fantastic Four Fans. Ant-man 3 is expected to start … Read more

WandaVision plot explained: Will wanda be the Main Villain?


Marvel Studios announced a lot of Disney Plus series at SDCC. WandaVision was one of them. Perhaps the most anticipated TV series in all of the Phase TV shows announced. Today, we’re gonna discuss potential Plot for WandaVision which is based on comics. Plot: WandaVision will explain why Wanda is called Scarlet witch. It will … Read more

Doctor Strange vs Nightmare battle in the Multiverse of Madness

doctor strange nightmare in doctor strange 2

Nightmare is a supervillain in the Marvel Universe. He is among the major enemies of Doctor Strange. So guys Brace yourself Doctor Strange vs Nightmare is going to be one of the most Epic face-offs in Marvel’s Phase 4. Doctor Strange-Nightmare’s rivalry is very popular among comic fans. So now Marvel’s plan is to introduce … Read more