25 Best Quotes From Spider-Man: No Way Home

We finally got the live-action Spider-Verse with the No Way Home and boy was it glorious. So, here I am today with the best quotes from Spider-Man: No Way Home.

It was absolutely breathtaking to see all the three Spider-Man swinging around together. And then we got our favorite lawyer of Hell’s Kitchen, aka Matt Murdock.

The return of Doc Ock and Green Goblin. It’s just too much to talk. Just wanna finish it by saying thank you to Marvel and Sony for making it happen for us, the fans. So without any further due, let’s check out some of the top quotes from Spider-Man: No Way Home movie:

1. “You may have dodged your legal troubles but things will get much worse. There’s still the court of public opinion.” — Matt Murdock

2. Peter Parker: How did you just do that?
Matt Murdock: (after catching a brick through the window) I’m a really good lawyer.

3. “The problem is you trying to live two different lives. The longer you do it, the more dangerous it becomes!” — Doctor Strange

4. “Hello, Peter.” — Doc Ock

5. “I’ve watched you from deep behind Norman’s cowardly eyes. Struggling to have everything you want, while the world tries to make you choose. Gods don’t have to choose. We take.” — Green Goblin

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6. “Strong enough to have it all… Too weak to take it!” — Green Goblin

7. “When you try to fix people, there are always consequences.” — The Lizard

8. “Tragedy. What else can I call it? What more need be said? The damage, the destruction, you saw it with your own eyes. When will people wake up, and realize that everywhere Spider-Man goes, chaos and calamity ensue? Everything Spider-Man touches come to ruin. And we, the innocents, are left to pick up the pieces. J. Jonah Jameson, reporting. Good night. And God help us all.” — J. Jonah Jameson

9. Ned Leeds: Wait so you’re Spider-Man too? Why didn’t you just say that?
Tobey’s Peter Parker: I generally don’t go around advertising it. Kind of defeats the whole anonymous superhero thing.
Andrew’s Peter Parker: (to himself) I literally just said that.

10. “I can help you. You know, I’m something of a scientist myself. Octavius knows what I can do.” — Norman Osborn

11. Otto Octavius: You’re not Peter Parker.
Peter Parker: I am so confused right now!

12. Doc Ock: You think your fancy new suit’s gonna save you? I should have killed your little girlfriend when I had the chance.
Spider-Man: (open the arms of his Iron-Spider suit) What did you just say?
Doc Ock: (looks at his own robotic arms) Looks like we’ve got competition.

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13. Otto Octavius: (Holding an Arc Reactor) The power of the sun…
Tobey’s Peter Parker: …in the palm of your hand.

14. Otto Octavius: How are you?
Tobey’s Peter Parker: Trying to do better.

15. Green Goblin: No more darker half, did you really think that I’d let that happen, that I’d let you take away my power just because you’re blind to what true power can bring you?
Spider-Man: You don’t know me.
Green Goblin: Don’t I? I saw how she trapped you, fighting her holy moral mission. We don’t need you to save us, we don’t need to be fixed! These are not curses, they’re gifts.

16. “You have a gift. You have power. And with great power, there must also come great responsibility.” — May Parker

17. “There’s gotta be a black Spider-Man somewhere out there.” — Max Dillion

18. The Lizard: You know I can give you a real makeover.
Max Dillon: Let me guess. Into a lizard?
The Lizard: Exactly!

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19. Max Dillon: Dr. Curt Connors, he was a scientist at Oscorp when I worked there. A brilliant scientist. Until he turned himself into a lizard, then he tried to turn the whole city into lizards. It was crazy.
The Lizard: It wasn’t crazy, Max. It was the next step in human evolution.

20. Doctor Strange: So, Peter… to what do I owe the pleasure?
Peter Parker: I’m sorry to bother you, sir.
Doctor Strange: Please. We’ve saved half the universe together. I think we’re beyond you calling me “sir”.
Peter Parker: Okay. Stephen…
Doctor Strange: That feels weird, but I’ll allow it.

21. “You can take the guy out of the chair, but you can’t take the chair out of the guy.” — Ned Leeds

22. “She was there… because of you. I may have struck the blow, but you… You are the one that killed her.” — Green Goblin

23. Green Goblin: Coward! We have a new world to conquer. You make me sick.
Norman Osborn: Leave me alone. Please.
Green Goblin: Hiding in the shadows. Hiding from who you truly are! You can’t escape yourself!

24. “Can the Spider-Man come out to play?” — Green Goblin

25. Green Goblin: Poor Peter… too weak to send me home to die.
Peter Parker: No. I just wanna kill you myself.
Green Goblin: Attaboy!

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So guys these were some of my favorite quotes from the Spider-Man: No Way Home movie. Let me know your thought on the movie and what’s your favorite quote in the comment section down below.