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Are you a Marvel stan? Want to know about the latest happenings around the Marvel Universe? Or you just love to read about Marvel fan theories and stuff?

If your answer is yes, then you’ve landed at the perfect place. You will feel like home in here. Let me first introduce myself, I’m Akhil Singh Chauhan, a die-hard Marvel enthusiast.

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I love watching Marvel movies, TV shows, animated series, and reading comic books. And most importantly I love writing and sharing info about them even more. I have been writing about Marvel for more than 3+ years in various forums like Quora, Reddit, etc.

I love to share my opinions and fan theories. On this website, you will find the info about the latest happenings revolving around the Marvel Universe.

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You can find me mostly watching shows and movies (not only Marvel) but when I’m not, I am here writing about Marvel stuff. Or helping people out on Quora.

I generally do not share news and scoops but when I do, I generally discuss how those news/scoops will affect the future of MCU.

If you have any questions or queries feel free to send me an e-mail at [email protected] or you can connect with me from our Contact Us page.

You can also connect with me on one of my Social Profiles linked below:

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I am mostly active on Facebook and Quora. You can also check out our Website’s About Us page. Feel free to connect to us in any way.