Top 10 Greatest Fantastic Four Villains

fantastic four villains

Today we’re gonna talk about the top villains of Marvel’s first family, the Fantastic Four. While everyone knows about the infamous Dr. Doom. This list just doesn’t stop there. Fantastic Four has gone on a lot of exciting journeys and exploration of the different worlds along with cosmic travel but that comes with a price. … Read more

Ant-man 3 will introduce Fantastic Four in the MCU in Phase 5

Ant-Man 3 will introduce fantastic four

As we all know recently Marvel Studios has made the decision to move ahead with the third ‘Ant-man‘ film. Earlier it was reported that Ant-Man will move to Disney Plus. But now it’s confirmed that Ant-Man 3 is happening. With that, there’s also good news for Fantastic Four Fans. Ant-man 3 is expected to start … Read more