Top 33 Quotes Of Vision From The Marvel Movies

vision mcu quotes

Vision is a character we all came to love over the years. He always has an interesting take over everything it’s just fascinating to hear his thoughts. It’s all represented by his profound quotes. And today, I’m exactly gonna talk about Vision’s best quotes from his MCU journey. He is an exceptionally well-written character. And … Read more

Why Disney Plus Preponed WandaVision to 2020?

Today, we got really good news from Disney. They have moved up Marvel’s Upcoming TV series WandaVision to 2020. Yes, you heard it right it’s a piece of great news from Disney for Marvel Fans. Let’s get into this and breakdown possible reasons for this Pre-ponding of the show. The Disney Plus streaming service is going … Read more

WandaVision plot explained: Will wanda be the Main Villain?


Marvel Studios announced a lot of Disney Plus series at SDCC. WandaVision was one of them. Perhaps the most anticipated TV series in all of the Phase TV shows announced. Today, we’re gonna discuss potential Plot for WandaVision which is based on comics. Plot: WandaVision will explain why Wanda is called Scarlet witch. It will … Read more