Why Disney Plus Preponed WandaVision to 2020?

Today, we got really good news from Disney. They have moved up Marvel’s Upcoming TV series WandaVision to 2020. Yes, you heard it right it’s a piece of great news from Disney for Marvel Fans. Let’s get into this and breakdown possible reasons for this Pre-ponding of the show.

The Disney Plus streaming service is going great since its Launch. You can see the List of countries where Disney Plus is available. Since then it scored a number of achievements in a short span of time.

WandaVision Moved to 2020

It is definitely a worthy competitor among other streaming giants. The Mandalorian’s last episode recently aired on 27 Dec 2019. Seeing huge success it came as no surprise as it was renewed for another season in the fall of 2020.

So, Here comes the Real News from the official twitter account of Disney Plus. Where they tweeted what’s coming in 2020 in their streaming service. Here is the tweet:

We can clearly see that they mentioned. WandaVision in their tweet. We also get a little tease in the Video.

However, there is no official statement from either Marvel Studios or Disney. But we can definitely put pieces together. Hence we can pretty much confirm that WandaVision is coming in 2020. Now let’s Discuss the Possible reason for this shift.

Why WandaVision Shifted to 2020

WandaVision Moved to 2020

Currently, Marvel has a lot of plans and projects already announced for Phase 4. Whether it’s Movie or Disney+ Series. The shows that Marvel announced Later were Ms. Marvel, She-HULK, Moon knight doesn’t have a release year yet.

So, Maybe Disney wants to move this shows forward and by moving WandaVision to 2020. They are looking to release these three shows possible in 2021-2022. We have already shared potential WandaVision Plot. Where we’ve shared which you marvel is going. It’s strongly related to the multiverse. So you should check it out.

That was the first reason, Second reason is probably because of Deadpool 3.As Ryan Reynolds recently confirmed that Deadpool 3 is already development at Marvel Studios. So I think they are Planning to get a slot of Deadpool in Phase 4 itself.

Remember this Image that Ryan Reynolds shared on his Instagram. It was to tease that Deadpool 3 will come in Phase 5.

However, it now looks like Plans have been changed. And Marvel is looking for a slot in Phase 4. Though we won’t say its 100%.

Deadpool 3 could be introduced via Multiverse, though the Possibility is Low, still, we can’t say much. This should be noted that we still don’t have an exact release date of WandaVison but it will possibly release after The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and before The Eternals.


Nonetheless, whatever is the reason behind this, we Marvel fans are really happy to get WandaVision in 2020. So this increases our Marvel Movies & TV shows list to Four i.e., Black Widow, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision and The Eternals.

What do you guys think of this amazing news? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section down below.