Deadpool doesn’t fit in MCU suggests new fan theory

Deadpool doesn't fit MCU

After the Disney-Fox merger, Fans wants to see Deadpool as soon as Possible. However, here is the catch Deadpool doesn’t fit correctly in the MCU right now. Let’s breakdown what this theory says. Why Deadpool doesn’t fit in MCU ? Deadpool basically has a problem with its Time Travel rules. This movie just doesn’t have … Read more

Deadpool might appear in Black Widow Post-Credits Scene

Deadpool might appear in Black Widow

Will We see Deadpool in Black Widow ? We have a report coming up, that Deadpool might appear in Black-Widow Post-Credits Scene. As Disney is Trying to Balance out Deadpool between R-Rated and PG-13. However, As per the reports from Cosmic News,  Lords of the Long Box, who has been releasing all those Secret Wars and Phase … Read more

Deadpool Movies will now be balanced between R-Rated and PG-13

Deadpool movies

Deadpool Movies R-rated or PG-13…? Deadpool Movies are now Under Marvel Studios. As the acquisition of 21st Century Fox by The Walt Disney Company. All marvel fans from all over the world have been wondering if Deadpool would be integrated within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.Well Kevin feige confirmed that Mutants are coming to MCU. Thus, he consider … Read more