Deadpool: 50 Best Quotes of Wade Wilson From The Movies

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Hello everyone I’m back again with another article in the Marvel Quotes series. This time we’re checking out the best quotes of fan-favorite Deadpool aka the Merc with a mouth. Deadpool has become fan favorite thanks to Ryan Reynold’s portrayal of the character. He perfectly captures the quirkiness, which is reflected by his constant talking … Read more

Deadpool Vs Wolverine: Who Would Win?

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my another Marvel Battle series where we talk about: Who will win in a fight between two characters? And today, I’m gonna discuss a fight between Deadpool and Wolverine. With exceptional healing factors and similar powers and abilities, this makes up for an interesting fight. This fight is essentially … Read more

Why Does Deadpool Like Unicorns?

deadpool likes unicorns

Deadpool is such a unique character. And his quirkiness is reflected by his constant talking and breaking the fourth wall. He is too random and that’s what makes his humor stand out. He’s one of the most loved anti-heroes from the Marvel universe. And if you’re a fan of Deadpool you know that he loves … Read more

Why Does Deadpool Hate Wolverine?

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Deadpool, the Merc with Mouth, and Wolverine aka The Weapon X are the two faces of the Mutants world from the Marvel Universe. Both of these characters are extremely popular thanks to their amazing live-adaptation movies and larger-than-life portal from Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. These two characters are certainly popular among fans and it … Read more

Does Deadpool Like Chimichangas?

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Deadpool is a character which people have given a lot of love since his first appearance. And over the years it has only increased especially with Fox’s Deadpool movies. And Now the next Deadpool movie is confirmed to be set in the MCU, there is nothing stopping him. He is such a unique character and … Read more

Here is the reason: Why Deadpool can’t heal his skin?

deadpool can't heal his skin

Deadpool is one of the most popular fan-favorite superheroes. He has a magnificent healing factor and the ability to break the fourth wall. But have you ever wondered Why Deadpool can’t heal his skin? Interesting question right? Today I’m just gonna answer that and give you a detailed explanation. However, many fans may already know … Read more

Deadpool doesn’t fit in MCU suggests new fan theory

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After the Disney-Fox merger, Fans wants to see Deadpool as soon as Possible. However, here is the catch Deadpool doesn’t fit correctly in the MCU right now. Let’s breakdown what this theory says. Why Deadpool doesn’t fit in MCU ? Deadpool basically has a problem with its Time Travel rules. This movie just doesn’t have … Read more

Deadpool might appear in Black Widow Post-Credits Scene

Deadpool might appear in Black Widow

Will We see Deadpool in Black Widow ? We have a report coming up, that Deadpool might appear in Black-Widow Post-Credits Scene. As Disney is Trying to Balance out Deadpool between R-Rated and PG-13. However, As per the reports from Cosmic News,  Lords of the Long Box, who has been releasing all those Secret Wars and Phase … Read more