Why Does Deadpool Hate Wolverine?

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Deadpool, the Merc with Mouth, and Wolverine aka The Weapon X are the two faces of the Mutants world from the Marvel Universe. Both of these characters are extremely popular thanks to their amazing live-adaptation movies and larger-than-life portal from Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman.

These two characters are certainly popular among fans and it seems that there is a bit of rivalry going on between these two and hence it reflects on their fan base as well. Because fans are constantly debating about their rivalry for years. But why do Deadpool and Wolverine hate each other?

So, Today I’m gonna explore their character and relationship further down and see if they really hate each other or is it something else. First, let me clarify with a short and precise answer:

Deadpool doesn’t exactly hate Wolverine. However, they do have some inner conflict between them which arises because they both have similar abilities and powers but different ideologies and philosophies. Hence there would be instances that may look like they hate each other but really it’s just playful teasing.

There you have it contrary to popular belief, Deadpool and Wolverine don’t hate each other. I’m next gonna discuss this in a little bit more detail in the forthcoming sections.’

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Deadpool and Wolverine Relationship

deadpool and wolverine relationship

As we established earlier they do have some conflict between them and this is a widely debated topic among their fan base. And this is only fueled by live-action movies.

As in Deadpool 2 post-credit scene, Wade Wilson goes back in time and kills his earlier version, a Merc with no mouth. And he is pretty angry about how they sew his mouth. Not to mention, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman constantly squabbling about each other on social media, which is again just playful bantering.

Let’s move on to some further details about these characters:

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The Differences

deadpool annoys wolverine
Deadpool annoys Wolverine

There are several differences between both of these characters, which make them dislike each other. Like Logan has a very dark past and history as he was born as a mutant, unlike Wade. He has been to wars seen worst of humanity and whatnot.

Logan is a loner, who is an introvert who doesn’t talk much. And then comes Wade who is the complete opposite of Logan in this sense. He just speaks whatever comes to his mind and he is the textbook version of an extrovert.

And it’s understandable how Deadpool comes as an annoying guy to Wolverine who is a complete introvert. Also, they both have different ideologies and philosophies, which further sparks up their rivalry.

For instance, Wolverine doesn’t like Mercenaries and Deadpool doesn’t like anyone getting in his way. So all these difference just creates an inner conflict between them.

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The Similarities

Despite the differences, Deadpool and Wolverine have a lot of similarities. For starters they are both from Canada they have the same healing powers. Both of them are mutants and survivors of the Weapon X program.

They both have been a part of the X-Men team. They were also in X Force together, which makes them battle comrades. So there are several similarities between them and these are the reason they both have mutual respect for each other.

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Reason for Conflict

Deadpool annoys X-Men

Both the above-mentioned similarities and differences are what make these characters a rival of each other, but at the same time make them understand each other. And it’s not like they haven’t fought or tried to kill each other.

They simply can’t even if they tried to which they have, and many times actually. But thanks to their healing factors they can’t really die. This just further strengthens their relationship even more as they understand each other better and better.

Even though they are both morally grey characters (anti-heroes) their mode of operation/code of conduct is grossly different. This results in instances where they are both annoyed by each other. And it’s actually Wolverine who is more irritated by Deadpool than vice-versa.

As I said earlier, Logan doesn’t like mercenaries. Plain and Simple. While Wade doesn’t want anyone to come in his way. But then he does, and then he doesn’t. It’s just his style and quirkiness. And it’s just Deadpool being Deadpool.

This is what you call a complicated relationship. However, over the years both have come to a point where they respect each other even though they don’t like each other’s code.

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The Final Verdict

So Does Deadpool hate wolverine? No, if anything it’s Logan who is more annoyed with Wade than Wade from Logan. In fact, Deadpool does acknowledge Wolverine as his friend but Wolverine doesn’t.

Nevertheless, Wolverine does have a soft spot for Deadpool as they both went through the Weapon X program and things could have been worse. It could have been Wolverine in place of Deadpool.

Also, the events of The Good, The Bad, The Ugly gave Wolverine all the more reasons to at least understand Deadpool better if not like him. And as I said they have fought alongside each other in many battles, so they respect each other and sometimes they are even best of friends.

So, guys, this was it from this article. I hope you guys enjoyed it and got your answers. Let me know what do you guys think about Deadpool and Wolverine’s relationship in the comment section below.