25 Best Quotes from Shang-Chi Movie

Shang-Chi movie comes as a surprise hit for many because many people predicted that it would be a Box office failure especially considering we’re still in the pandemic phase.

But it wasn’t long before Simu Liu’s Shang-Chi provided many wrongs. It isn’t only a Box office success but captured the hearts of audiences across the globe as well as most of the critics. And how can someone forget Simu Liu’s taking to Twitter and making all those images with his stock photos?

He has certainly become a fan favorite of many with just one movie. And here I’m today to make you love him even more. Because I’m gonna share some of the best quotes from ‘Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings’ Movie.

So without any further due let’s get this list started:

1. “I thought I could change my name, start a new life… but I could never escape his shadow.” — Shang-Chi

2. Wenwu: Throughout my life, the Ten Rings gave our family power. If you want them to be yours one day, you have to show me you are strong enough to carry them.

3. Katy: We make a great team!

4. “I know you don’t like to talk about your life, but a guy with a freaking Machete for an arm just chopped our bus in half!” — Katy

5. Katy: You changed your name from Shang to Shaun? I wonder how your father found you.

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6. “It’s the art of confusion. It always works on stupid people.” — Katy

7. “I told my henchmen they couldn’t kill you if they tried. I’m glad I was right.” Wenwu

8. Shang-Chi: You’re just a criminal who murders people.
Wenwu: Be careful how you speak to me, boy!

9. Shang-Chi: From sun up to sun down I was taught every possible way to kill a man.

10. “Did America make you soft?” — Xialing

11. Xialing: If my father won’t let me into his empire, I will build my own.

12. “I’ve built this place on my own. I didn’t need you then, and I don’t need you now.” — Xialing

13. Wenwu: A terrorist in America needed a boogeyman to bring your country to its knees. So, he appropriated Ten Rings, my Ten Rings, but because he didn’t know my actual name, he invented a new one. Do you know what name he chose? The Mandarin. He gave his figurehead the name of a chicken dish. And it worked! America was terrified… of an orange!

14. Jiang Nan: The Ten Rings are stronger than anything in your universe.

15. Wenwu and Shang-Chi: A blood debt has to be paid by blood.

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16. Master Guang Bo: The sins of your past would have destroyed this place!
Wenwu: Be careful how you speak to me, young man. I have lived ten of your lifetimes. I have eaten more salt than you have had rice in your life!

17. Wenwu: Son, it’s time for you to take your place by my side.
Shang-Chi: That’s not gonna happen.

18. “You are a product of all who came before you, the legacy of your family. You are your mother. And whether you like it or not, you are also your father.” — Jiang Nan

19. “Your mother knew who she was, do you?” — Jiang Nan

20. “I gave you ten years to live your life. And where did that get you? You walked in my shadow. I trained you so the most dangerous people in the world couldn’t kill you.” — Wenwu

21. Katy: I heard my mother saying don’t overthink Idiot just aim and fire.

22. “You trained your son to be a killer. Is this what you wanted?” —Shang-Chi

23. Trevor Slattery: Calm down, mate! I’m not dead, it’s just a performance! Now get down here and play along!

24. “You can’t outrun who you are.” — Wenwu

25. “Welcome to the circus.” — Bruce Banner

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So guys these were some of the best quotes from the latest MCU movie ‘Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings’. It’s certainly my one of the best origin movie for any superhero.

Shang-Chi is shown going through an existential and identity crisis, and he doesn’t genuinely know where he belongs. The movie then follows him on a journey where he finally accepts who he is and confronts the dark influence his father has on him but he still doesn’t have hate for his father.

Overall, I enjoyed this film thoroughly. Anyways, let me know what are your thoughts on this in the comment section down below.