Black Panther: Top 10 Leadership Quotes from T’Challa

As you can see, I am back with the MCU quotes series again. This time I’m gonna share with you guys the best wise leadership quotes from T’Challa aka the Black Panther.

We all know that Black panther received mixed reviews from the audience while getting positive reviews from critics, and won 3 Oscars along with a nomination for the Best Picture.

I liked this movie but can’t say it was exceptionally good nor that it was too bad. Some might say that this movie was mediocre at its best. And I respect everyone’s opinion.

But we shouldn’t undermine the brilliant performances of actors, especially that of Chadwick and Jordan’s portrayal of T’Challa and Killmonger respectively. And we can’t deny the cultural impact it had.

With that being said, this movie also delivers inspirational quotes from almost every character. Which we all expect from an MCU movie.

But I am gonna share the best quotes from Black panther that I found to be the most inspirational. As well as reflecting leadership qualities from our king of Wakanda, T’Challa.

Update: On 28 Aug 2020, Chadwick Boseman left us. RIP Legend.

1. “Wakanda Forever”

black panther quote Wakanda Forever

Whenever we’re gonna start talking about the tale of Wakanda it should always start with the quote, “Wakanda Forever”. We can’t really say who first said this catchphrase but it deserves to be on this list.

It is also known as Wakandan Salute. What is more interesting is that the “Wakanda Forever” salute has become a symbol to celebrate black excellence for real. This catchphrase is going to be one of the most quoted dialogue in the upcoming future of the MCU.

See this as an equivalent of Captain America’s “I can do this all day” quote. Except it denotes or represents a whole community.

2. “Vengeance has consumed you. Now, It’s consuming them.”

vengeance has consumed you

This quote is from the climax of Captain America: Civil War, where Zemo was successful in breaking down the Avengers. But T’Challa figured it out and caught him and said:

Vengeance has consumed you. It’s consuming them. I’m done letting it consume me. Justice will come soon enough.

At first, even T’Challa himself was desperate to get vengeance for his father as he thought that it was Winter Soldier who bombed that UN gathering and killed his dad.

But later he came back to his senses. It’s clear enough that we should not let vengeance consume us. As this makes a person blind, literally.

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3. “As you can see, I am not dead.”

As you can see, I am not dead

This quote needs no introduction. It’s widely popular and even became a trending meme with hundreds and thousands of variations.

But I also found it somewhat inspiring. A man who was nearly dead is somehow back and yet still wants to fight the person again who nearly killed him. It’s a kinda never giving up attitude.

And yes, he just simply cannot give up on his people and his country. So he came back and said, “I never yielded, and as you can see, I am not dead.

4. “What happens now determines what happens to the rest of the world.”

This quote was not in the movie, it’s from one of the trailers. Don’t know why it wasn’t in the movie but Marvel tends to do that always. Maybe this was a deleted scene or shot especially for trailers.

But these kinds of dialogues still reflect the main theme of the movie and aren’t off-topic. As T’Challa quotes, “What happens now determines what happens to the rest of the world.” This even reflects a bigger picture as the events of Black Panther was essential for the Infinity War.

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5. “Our weapons will not be used to wage war on the world.”

Our weapons will not be used to wage war on the world

Erik Killmonger tried to intimidate T’Challa by his wise dialogues, saying that we should use our vibranium and weapons to help people all over the world. But instead, he just wanted to rule the world and show that he is superior.

Here’s how the conversation went:

Erik Killmonger: Y’all sittin’ up here comfortable. Must feel good. It’s about two billion people all over the world that look like us. But their lives are a lot harder. Wakanda has the tools to liberate ’em all.
T’Challa: And what tools are those?
Erik Killmonger: Vibranium. Your weapons.
T’Challa: Our weapons will not be used to wage war on the world. It is not our way to be judge, jury, and executioner for people who are not our own.

T’Challa instantly rejected his proposal.

6. “All of you were wrong…to turn your backs on the rest of the world!”

turn your backs on the rest of the world!

When Shuri and Ramonda were treating T’Challa, the scene cuts to Ancestral Plane where we see T’Challa confronting his ancestors. His opinion was that It was wrong to turn their back on the world and they were the ones responsible for Killmonger.

As he quotes, “You were wrong…all of you were wrong…to turn your backs on the rest of the world! We let the fear of discovery stop us from doing what is right. No more! I cannot stay here with you. I cannot rest while HE sits on the throne! He is a monster of our own making! I must take the mantle back, I must! I must right these wrongs!

7. “Wakanda will no longer watch from the shadows.”

Wakanda will no longer watch from the shadows

With the end credits scene, we saw our King opening the doors of Wakanda to the rest of the world. As he said to his ancestors that it was wrong to turn their back on the world.

T’Challa gave a solid speech. That retire speech is worthy enough to be quoted. But I’m only gonna quote two of his best dialogues from that speech. The first one is, “Wakanda will no longer watch from the shadows.

He no longer wants to keep Wakanda a secret, and wants to help the world, the needy people with their valuable resources. And that’s what a good King should do.

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8. “In times of crisis the wise build bridges, while the foolish build barriers.”

wise build bridges foolish build barriers

The next quote from his speech is, “In times of crisis the wise build bridges, while the foolish build barriers.” To me, this quote reflects that no matter how tough our problem is we should never give up.

We should always try to be as constructive as possible and try to figure out how to overcome the obstacles. Rather than sitting around feeling that we’ve lost everything.

That’s exactly what T’Challa said. The wise always try to overcome their problems. While on the other hand foolish just sit around and give up.

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9. “Evacuate the city, engage all defenses… and get this man a shield!”

black panther quote get this man a shield

That’s how a King prepares for war. As Odin once said, “A wise king never seeks out war, but he must always be ready for it.” So when Thanos’ army was about to attack Wakanda, That’s how our king responds:

Evacuate the city, engage all defenses…and get this man a shield!

Of course, he has a lot of weapons for his army. So how can he forget about poor Captain, who lost his shield?

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10. “Clint give it to me…”

clint give it to me black panther quote

This one is from Endgame when Hawkeye was in trouble trying to protect the Gauntlet from Thanos’ army. Then comes the savior, T’Challa, King of Wakanda and said to Clint, “Clint give it to me…

Some of you might say that this is not exactly a quotable dialogue. But I have an interesting take on this. In Civil War, when they both met first, Clint said “We haven’t met yet, I’m Clint” to which T’Challa replied, “I don’t care.”

Well, maybe he was too angry and desperate to get his vengeance and hence his rude attitude. As he also said that to Zemo. But after Endgame it seems he was still on his senses and really cared.

Also, this was a nice callback and Marvel always tends to do this and we fans also enjoy it.

So, guys, these were some of the best Inspirational quotes of T’Challa from the Black Panther movie and his other appearance from the MCU.

Please let me know what’s your favorite quote from the King of Wakanda. And yes, Wakanda Forever!