Here is the reason: Why Deadpool can’t heal his skin?

Deadpool is one of the most popular fan-favorite superheroes. He has a magnificent healing factor and the ability to break the fourth wall. But have you ever wondered Why Deadpool can’t heal his skin?

Interesting question right? Today I’m just gonna answer that and give you a detailed explanation. However, many fans may already know this, Especially the comics fans.

But if you’ve never read any comics. Don’t worry I have got you covered. Here is the short answer:

After Deadpool got his healing factor, both of his normal cells and cancerous cells became immortal. His Healing factor consistently fights with his cancer but never wins. Hence it became a part of his body giving him a heavily scarred appearance.

Now I will explain this briefly in the next sections. And for that, we have to back and see how his healing factor works.

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Deadpool’s Healing Factor

Wade wilson scarred body

Let’s talk about his Healing factor from the comics. In the comics, he was also an experiment of Weapon-X similar to the Wolverine.

As a matter of fact, Deadpool’s healing factor is derived from Wolverine, which allows him to regenerate damaged or destroyed areas of his cellular structure. His wounds can heal at an extremely fast speed compared to any ordinary human.

If you cut his limbs, he can even regrow them including internal organs. In comics, his healing factor is faster than Wolverine while in the Movies it takes him a day to regenerate his hand.

However, it’s been stated that Deadpool’s healing factor is more mentally driven. Which means that he would heal faster if he focused his mind on healing.

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One Basic Misconception

A lot of people have this misunderstanding that Deadpool cancer is cured. Let me tell you, No, that’s not the case. Deadpool’s healing factor helps him to fight Cancer. As his cancer kills his cells his healing factor consistently grows them back.

We even got this info in the Deadpool 2 movie. Where Wade Wilson was captured in the prison and was given a mutant inhibitor collar. This collar stops the ability of the mutants.

Deadpool mutant inhibitor collar

Hence, as a result, we saw that his cancer was coming back. Or to put these in exact words, his cancerous cells started dominating over the normal cells. Let me explain this thoroughly:

When Deadpool got his healing factor even his cancer cells got mutated, becoming super cancer. So his healing factor made both of his normal cells and cancerous cells unable to die.

Therefore, his healing factor always fights with his cancerous cells but never wins as they keep coming back. So super cancer became a part of his body and hence giving him scarred appearance.

So as to answer why his healing factor can’t heal his skin? It’s simple because it is his healing factor in the first place that gave him this scarred skin. So that’s why his body can heal this. It has become a part of his body.

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Deadpool healing factor is given to a Healthy Body

For instance, just see this incident from the comics. Where Deadpool explains what will happen if his healing factor is given to someone who doesn’t have any cancer:

Deadpool talks about his healing factor
Deadpool healing factor given to a Healthy Body

Yikes, really disgusting right? But that’s 100% true.

As he explained, his healing factor was specially designed for him. It was calibrated such that it will only produce replacement cells for what his cancer was killing.

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And this fight between his normal cell and cancerous cell gave him scarred body. So this was the full explanation. Let me know what are your thoughts on this in the comment section down below.