Differences between Iron Man Gauntlet vs Thanos Gauntlet

In Avengers: Endgame we got yet another Infinity Gauntlet. But this time it was made by none other than Tony Stark aka Iron Man. There were some major differences between the Thanos and the Iron man Gauntlet (or Stark gauntlet).

Probably most of the fans already know about these differences. But, if you don’t know about them then don’t worry. I’m here with a full in-depth comparison between Stark gauntlet vs Thanos gauntlet.

To find the difference between these two we have to go back where it all started. Yes, a Black Widow quote right there… you can check out more quotes from Black Widow here.

Anyways, we have to go to the origin of these two gauntlets and see how these two were made. And what kind of technology/science was used?

Origin of Thanos Gauntlet

So this one is no brainer. We all know who created the gauntlet for Thanos and this is the one popularly known as the ‘Infinity Gauntlet‘.

In ‘Infinity War‘, when Thor goes to Niðavellir to get a weapon for himself, Eitri, played by Peter Dinklage, tells him that Thanos came to their planet.

Eitri explains Thor how Thanos Destroyed Niðavellir and forced him to make a gauntlet that could harness the power of Infinity Stones. And Hence the Gauntlet was born.

Thanos Gauntlet

Here is more info about the post-credit scene from ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron‘. Though this scene is from the AoU, But, it doesn’t take place in this timeline. It takes place just before the ‘Avengers: Infinity War‘ or simultaneously with ‘Thor: Ragnarok‘.

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Here is the proof:

As Eitri tells Thor that Thanos came and destroyed their Planet and Asgard was supposed to defend and help them. But Thor explains that Asgard is no more and Odin died.

So it’s pretty sure Thanos got his gauntlet during the events of Ragnarok and then he acquired Power Stone from Xander. Later he proceeds to the attacks the Asgardian ship leading up to the Infinity War.

As Gauntlet was built in Niðavellir and with URU metal, it was really powerful and probably enchanted with Magic. There is minimal to no energy leak from ‘Infinity Gauntlet’ but still requires the wielder to be strong enough.

Origin of Iron Man/Stark Gauntlet

Infinity Gauntlet is godly and forged in the heart of a dying star, just like Mjölnir and Storm Breaker. But let me make it clear that it was never shown in MCU.

We only got those Thanos’ line “fine I’ll do it myself” that showed he already got his gauntlet. But since Eitri made the gauntlet he must have forged it like the Stormbreaker. So this makes Thanos gauntlet a godly weapon.

Iron Man Gauntlet

And on the other hand, Iron Man’s gauntlet popularly known as Iron gauntlet or Stark gauntlet is made from Earthly metal combined with Stark tech. And it is never stated whether it was made of vibranium or not.

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Tony Stark, Rocket, and Hulk all three of them worked together to make this gauntlet.

Tony was able to transfer the stones from Thanos (who was wearing stark gauntlet) to his suit because his gauntlet was also comprised of Nanotech.

When Iron Gauntlet is used, the power from the Infinity Stones leaks out and causes damage to the wielder’s body. That’s why Hulk’s arm was damaged and Tony died because he just couldn’t bear it.

Main Difference: Stark Gauntlet vs Infinity Gauntlet

So now after explaining the origin for these two versions of gauntlet we now stand in the position to the difference between them. Although I already explained some of the differences along with origins. But here is the Main one:

Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet can harness the powers of all the Infinity Stones as well as an individual stone. While Iron Man Gauntlet was just build to perform snap.

For instance, one cannot use the powers of ‘Power Stone’ while wielding Iron Man Gauntlet but he can with Thanos Gauntlet.

We got the proof for the above statement in Avengers: Endgame itself. As we saw how Thanos wanted to push Carol away from him in the final battle.

But he simply couldn’t use one stone’s ability. So he had to take out the Power stone from the gauntlet and uses it on Captain Marvel.

However, one can make a point that he had to close the fist to use the gauntlet and Captain Marvel didn’t let him do that.

This is also true but he would have already done that when he first threw Captain Marvel away from him.

Anyways these were the major differences between these two gauntlets. Feel free to let me know if I missed any in the comment section below.