Deadpool doesn’t fit in MCU suggests new fan theory

After the Disney-Fox merger, Fans wants to see Deadpool as soon as Possible. However, here is the catch Deadpool doesn’t fit correctly in the MCU right now. Let’s breakdown what this theory says.

Why Deadpool doesn’t fit in MCU ?

Deadpool doesn't fit MCU

Deadpool basically has a problem with its Time Travel rules. This movie just doesn’t have the same Time Travelling rules as introduced in ENDGAME. So this contradicts the current rules introduced in ENDGAME

We all know Deadpool 2 deals with Time Travel. But those Time Travel rules comes with their Problem.”You Messes with Time and it Messes you back“. Let’s get to the what the new theory says.

We have already discussed the Problem with Deadpool in MCU as Marvel is trying to balance him between R-rated and PG-13. Disney produces content for kids and hence the problem arises.

Latest Fan theory suggests Deadpool Doesn’t fit in MCU :

Deadpool doesn't fit MCU due to time travel problem

We have this awesome and pretty intelligent theory from a fan. As in Deadpool 2 we see Cable with his time Travelling device. He seems to be Travelling with his Daughter’s Teddy Bear.

I am considering you have watched the movie and will understand why he goes back in Time. Basically he did this to save his Family.

So, In addition to that Cable took the fact that his daughters teddy bear was undamaged as evidence that his family were saved.

What is the contradiction…?

Now here comes the problem. In the Deadpool universe, we see that changing the Past will change your future. Which directly contradicts what we see in the END GAME.

Here is what HULK says: “Changing your past doesn’t change your future”. He further adds “Let’s say you go back in time. Now that past becomes your Present and your Former present becomes your Past. Which can’t be changed by your Present.” MIND BLOWN ours too.

But this is Just the MCU’s Time Travelling rule. You create alternate reality we you change thing in the Past.

How this Problem can be Solved…?

So how could this be possibly tackled ? Here are some of the Solutions :

  1. Hey, it’s REBOOT Time. Yes I know it’s hard to see this as a huge Deadpool fan myself, I totally understand that. Even for Kevin Feige as he already said that Deadpool is only X-men which will not be rebooted. And will also not be re-casted.

  2. Let’s Just forget there was even a thing in this movie. Yes, that seems to be the possible way if we don’t want to see a reboot happening.

  3. Or Let’s just wait and see what happens in BLACK WIDOW. As we have strong chances to see Deadpool in Black Widow post-credit scene. We will get to see that if there will be a Reboot or not.

So guys what do you think about this contradiction. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Speaking of which, I am totally fine with this. After all, we just want to see Deadpool kick some ass alongside our beloved Avengers as soon as possible.