Deadpool might appear in Black Widow Post-Credits Scene

Will We see Deadpool in Black Widow ?

We have a report coming up, that Deadpool might appear in Black-Widow Post-Credits Scene. As Disney is Trying to Balance out Deadpool between R-Rated and PG-13.

However, As per the reports from Cosmic News,  Lords of the Long Box, who has been releasing all those Secret Wars and Phase 5 details. Deadpool will be a part of the Black-Widow post-credit scene.

It’s claimed the Black Widow movie will be introducing Fox Marvel characters. The post-credit scene will feature Deadpool at a bar meeting Taskmaster.

Deadpool might appear in Black Widow with Taskmaster
Task Master

It’s further claimed that Ryan Reynolds has signed a new deal with Disney and Marvel following the purchase of Fox Studios.

Ryan Reynolds coming to the MCU :

Ryan Reynolds also recently teased that Deadpool 3 will be a part of Phase 5, which is rumored to be announced at the upcoming D23 Expo. He Posted this Image on his Instagram.

Deadpool in Phase 5

As Disney is still Trying to Figure out , how to introduce Deadpool into MCU. Like how to Balance things between R-Rated and PG-13.

However, what we think is Ryan Reynolds cross-over team-up movies, like Avengers will may be PG-13. While his solo films will stay rated R, possibly staying under the Fox banner.

Consequently, we also know that recent Dave Bautista starrer Stuber movie was rated R and was released by Disney under the Fox banner. Therefore, Disney may be going the same route for the rated R Marvel films such as Deadpool.

It’s known Disney CEO Bob Iger said they could still release the rated R Fox properties, just that they would need to separate the brand from classic Disney and Marvel.