Top 15 Hilariously Funny Captain America Dad Joke Memes

Okay, you’d probably know about this meme template. Where Captain America is fighting with Hydra members in the lift. This meme has gone viral. It’s called Captain America Dad Joke.

Though some people are also annoyed as this meme has been overused. But not us…not us… that was an Endgame reference right there.

Let’s have a brief description of this meme first. For all those who want to increase their meme knowledge. Others can skip directly to the memes.

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Captain America dad joke Meme info

Captain America Elevator Fight Dad Joke is an image macro series. Image macro means an image with funny text/caption. This template features screenshots from the films Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Endgame.

We all know in the former movie how Captain America fights a group of Hydra soldiers in an elevator. While in later he just says “Hail Hydra” to avoid the fight.

However, this meme template actually went viral in early February 2020. With four screenshots from these two films as a vehicle for various dad jokes.


For all those memester who want to show their creativity here is the template for this meme. So guys get your arrows and get started:

Captain America dad joke Meme template

Not to mention an additional point here i.e., There is also a meme that was the earliest to feature screenshots from these two films. That meme was basically a road up to this meme template. Here is the earliest version of that meme:

captain america elevator fight meme

12 Funniest Captain America dad Joke memes

So guys here are the top Hilariously funny memes from this popular meme trend or template. Just save them to your collection and show them to your friends.

1. My dog walked over Sandpaper

dog walked over Sandpaper

This is the first meme from this template that went Viral. On February 7th, 2020, Redditor LazyMeercat shared a variation of the meme. This is a typical dad joke.

Captain America tells the dad joke “I saw my dog walk over sandpaper / he said rough…rough.” This post received more than 5,400 points (98% upvoted) in less than three days.

2. Have you ever eaten a clock?

eating a clock is time consuming

Later all the memester got into work. And started sharing their own variations. The next day i.e., the 8th of February, Instagram user @trashcanpaul shared a variation with the joke “Have you ever eaten a clock? / It’s time-consuming.” This post received more than 49,000 likes in less than two days.

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3. Triggering the Flat-Earthers out there

flat earthers captain america dad joke

This meme was posted by Redditor ihazone. He just triggered some Flath-Earthers. Captain America says “Your flat earth movie was just nominated for an award / The Golden Globes.” The post received more than 47,000 points (93% upvoted) and 100 comments in less than 24 hours.

4. Diarrhea is hereditary

Diarrhea is hereditary meme

This one’s actually really funny or maybe the best one from this list. So now we all know guys that “Diarrhea is hereditary”.

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5. Vacuum Sucked

Vacuum Sucked meme

There we have it guys…Vacuum sucks get rid of it as soon as possible.

6. Fired from a Calendar Factory

Fired from a Calendar Factory meme

This one’s actually quite good and if you work in a calendar factory we’ve got one piece of advice for you, Never take a day off.

7. Flame on…

Flame on captain america dad joke

This is a really good meme as it references two more memes/movies. The first reference I’m gonna burn this place to the ground“, is a reference to the latest footage we got for the Loki series.

Not to mention we have already shared top memes from Loki’s new dialogue. You can check them out as well.

The second reference is “Flame On” it’s a callback to Fantastic Four, as Chris Evans played Human Torch. Hence he says the wrong universe in this meme.

8. The hottest place in a room

Hottest place in the room

The hottest place in a room is the corners. So now we know where to chill out in the winter season.

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captain america dad joke hail hydra

What’s your favorite quote from Avengers: Endgame? Hail Hydra or Avengers Assemble.

10. It was just a Fanta-sea

It was just a Fanta-sea meme

This joke is really funny. But if you didn’t get it don’t worry I will tell you. As much as I hate explaining a joke. But this does need one or wait I will just leave it to your Fanta-sy.

So now I will share some memes with the variation in this template. These are the kind of memes that are generally more creative than the generic ones. So here they are:

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11. Ya I know it’s Time-consuming…

I ate a clock meme

When two dad meets and hence a battle between dad jokes begins. Finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendary.

12. What’s wrong with this template

What's wrong with this template

There you have it guys, the bottom screenshot is from a different movie. As I told you earlier.

Update: New memes added

13. Unemployment Jokes doesn’t work

A surprisingly great meme on unemployment except they don’t work.

14. You will find our will equal to yours

hardest choices requires the strongest memes

This one is my favorite. A crossover meme in a crossover template. Now that’s some creativity level. And it sure requires the strongest wills.

15. Enough Cap…

enough of your dad jokes cap

Alright, cap not it’s time for you to rest with your dad jokes. So guys these were the top memes from this trend and I think this is the best way to end this list.

Please let us know what’s your favorite meme from this format in the comment section below. And if you like to see more marvel memes Join us on Facebook. We share memes daily on our Facebook page.