Black Widow’s 24 April 2020 release date is Fake: Here’s why

I’ve seen in a lot of FB groups and communities, where Marvel stans are going crazy. Because when you google search for the keyword “Black Widow release date” it’s showing 24 April 2020.

Especially Indian fans as in India it’s already releasing one day prior to U.S. release i.e., 30 April 2020. And now it’s showing 24 April. But that’s all fake. There is no way they will prepone the release date without prior info. Here is what you get when you search for “Black Widow release date”:

Black Widow release date

Why is Google showing 24 April as the release date of Black Widow?

Google doesn’t give you the answers it just shows you the result from the web. So it’s not google who is showing you this date.

Google fetches the release date of movies from Wikipedia, and hence it’s just showing the result as it is.

So, unfortunately, it’s just another example of Wikipedia vandalism. Anyone can edit Wikipedia and type whatever they want. You should never consider Wikipedia as a reliable source. Because before moderators check for the content and correct it you might have already read the wrong info.

Not to worry now, as the Wikipedia article has been edited and the release date is set to May 1, 2020(U.S. release). Here is the screenshot for the same:

Black widow release date corrected

Thanks to MCUcosmic for this screenshot.

Nonetheless, the result will still show you 24 April 2020, as it will probably take google 2-3 days or sometimes even more to update this info. This info was edited yesterday so it will take some time to reflect the change.

Anyways, let me know if you knew that this was fake in the comment section below. Or if you don’t know whether this was even a thing, then you are just awesome. Always stay away from these kinds of fake news.