61 Best Quotes From Marvel’s What If? Episode Wise

Marvel’s What if…? is the new show in the series of MCU TV shows. It explores the possible scenarios of what could’ve been or already exist as an alternate universe where the character we know made different choices leading to different outcomes.

So without any further due let’s dive into the best quotes from What If? series.

Episode 1: What If… Captain Carter were the First Avenger?

Plot Summary: When Steve Rogers is seriously injured, Peggy Carter becomes the world’s first super-soldier.


1. “Time, Space, Reality. It’s more than a linear path. It’s a prism of endless possibility. Where one single choice can branch out into infinite realities, creating alternate worlds from the ones you know. I am the watcher. I am your guide through these vast new realities. Follow me and ponder the question What If…?” The Watcher

2. Dr. Erskine: Agent Carter wouldn’t you be more comfortable in the booth?
Agent Carter: No, I’d prefer to stay.
The Watcher: There. That’s the moment that created a new universe. When asked to leave the room, Margaret “Peggy” Carter chose to stay. But soon, it would be her venturing into the unknown and creating a new world.

3. Peggy Carter: (after flipping a truck) That was brilliant! Let’s give it another go.

4. “Talk about being a few sardines short of a can.” Bucky Barnes

5. Peggy Carter: Who needs a plan? I have a shield.
Howard Stark: A shield is not a plan!

6. “Her one choice gave birth to a whole new history and gave the multiverse a new hero. As for me, these are my stories. I observe all that transpires here, but I do not, cannot, will not interfere. For I am… the Watcher.” The Watcher

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Episode 2: What If… T’Challa Became a Star-Lord?

Plot Summary: The rough-and-tumble space pirates known as the Ravagers abduct T’Challa instead of Peter Quill.


7. The Watcher: The galaxy, to your eyes, a hundred billion points of light. But where you see light, I see worlds and the countless stories that fill them. But in a Multiverse of infinite possibility, is your destiny determined by your nature or by the nature of your world?

8. “You know what they say. When you’re out of luck, always go with the duck.” — Howard The Duck

9. “Sometimes the best weapon in your arsenal is just a good argument.” — Star-Lord T’Challa

10. “Where I come from, history has never looked kindly on those who lock men in cages.” — Star-Lord T’Challa

11. “What you call destiny is just an equation, a product of variables.” The Watcher

12. “Sometimes you need to hear a lie to see the truth.” — Yondu

13. “You know as well as I, no treasure is worth as much as the good that can be done with it.” — Star-Lord T’Challa

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Episode 3: What If… the World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes?

Plot Summary: Nick Fury struggles to launch The Avengers when candidates are targeted by a serial killer.


14. “Humanity, so eager, so willing to face the impossible, yet blind to the bigger picture. Inside one week, three strange and separate stories unfolded. A genius battled his demons both inside and out, while the world met the monster hiding in the man. And a godly prince fell to Earth. I am the Watcher. And where humans see chaos, I see the crucible that would transform this collection of individuals into a team of heroes. At least, that’s how things played out in one universe. But in this one…” The Watcher

15. Nick Fury: Stark may be eccentric, but he’s got potential.
Natasha Romanoff: What he has is a hangover.

16. Natasha Romanoff: I’ve got General Ross, a dozen snipers, and a few tanks. What are you dealing with?
Nick Fury: Space Vikings.
Natasha Romanoff: Showoff.

17. Agent Coulson: The Avengers fell before they had a chance to rise. May they rest in peace.
Nick Fury: They can. But we won’t. The Avengers were always meant to be more than a team. They were an idea, the affirmation of humanity’s need to believe that in our darkest hour, we will find our heroes.

18. Good evening, my loyal subjects. It is with great pride that I stand before you today to announce that in just one day’s time, the nations of Earth have put aside their differences and united under my command. It’s the unspoken truth of humanity that you crave subjugation. The bright lure of freedom hobbles you, diminishes your life’s joy. You were made to be ruled. So I have come, to help you fulfill… your destiny. — Loki

19. I believe that in this universe, as in every other, hope never dies. As long as someone keeps their good eye on the bigger picture. The Watcher

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Episode 4: What If… Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands?

Plot Summary: A grief-stricken Doctor Strange uses the Eye of Agamotto in a dangerous effort to change the past.


20. We have watched how one moment, one choice, can ripple across space and time, giving birth to new stories, heroes, whole universes. But what if it’s the wrong choice? What if the best of intentions has very strange consequences? The Watcher

21. In this universe, Stephen Strange didn’t lose his hands…… .but his heart. Grief-stricken, Strange sought answers across the world and in the Mystic Arts. The Watcher

22. Tinkering with time can weaken the very fabric of the universe. We protect reality. We don’t threaten it. — Ancient One

23. O’Bengh: Is she worth the pain? A man does not suffer like this for his own glory.
Doctor Strange: Every moment of it.
O’Bengh: There is a fine line between devotion and delusion. Love can break more than your heart. It can shatter your mind.
Doctor Strange: Uh-huh. And in which book did you read that?
O’Bengh: [chuckles] No book, Armani. Life taught me.

24. He’s on the wrong path. I could warn him, intervene. But the fate of his universe is not worth risking the safety of all others. Besides, I doubt he’d listen. The Watcher

25. This isn’t love. Look at this! This is arrogance. This is our need to fix everything. It’s what drove us to study the Mystic Arts in the first place. Doctor Strange

26. Strange Supreme: I know! But the world! The world shouldn’t pay for my arrogance. I read about you, sensed your presence. You’re a god. You can undo this!
The Watcher: I’m not a god. And neither are you.
Strange Supreme: Then punish me! Not the world, not Christine!
The Watcher: Honestly, if I could fix this, if I could punish you instead, I would. But I can’t interfere. You, more than anyone else, should understand that meddling with time and events only leads to more destruction.

28. One life, one moment, one choice can destroy the entire universe. The Watcher

Episode 5: What If… Zombies!?

Plot Summary: When The Avengers are infected by a zombie plague, surviving heroes search for a cure.


29. The Watcher: (opening narration) Dr. Bruce Banner, the human hiding within the Hulk, fell from the stars to warn humanity of imminent danger. But the world he found was not one he recognized.

30. Spider-Man: Hey, relax. I’m just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.
Bruce Banner: Oh, yeah? Well, then, what the hell happened to the neighborhood?

31. Hope Van Dyne: No, how do you stay so… upbeat? After everything?
Peter Parker: Practice, I guess. My mom, dad, Uncle Ben, Mr. Stark, now Happy. I’ve… I’ve lost a lot. But my Aunt May says… used to say… that if we don’t keep smiling when they can’t, then we might as well just be gone, too. And… well, they’d want us to keep going.

32. Sorry, pal. I guess this is the end of the line. Bucky Barnes

33. Spider-Man: Do you guys just not have horror movies in Wakanda?
Okoye: We don’t need them. We have American reality shows.

34. Spider-Man: Sorry… She gave her life so we could get a cure.
Scott-Lang: That’s twice she saved me. That’s… very Hope.

35. Spider-Man: Last year, Mr. Stark asked me to join the Avengers. I turned him down, now they’re all gone. And I’m still here.
T’Challa: In my culture death is not the end. They’re still with us, as long as we do not forget them.

36. The Watcher: (closing narration) Even in the darkest of times, humans will give all to save their planet. Even if it might bring an end to the universe.

Episode 6: What If… Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark?

Plot Summary: Killmonger rescues Tony Stark when his Humvee is attacked in Afghanistan and manipulates his influence for his designs of conquering Wakanda.


37. The Watcher: (opening narration) Every journey has a beginning, but change one step along the way, and you could end up at a very different destination.

39. “Heroes are not born, they’re forged in darkness. Shaped in battle. Defined by sacrifice. Without Tony Stark’s fateful capture in Afghanistan, the Age of Iron Man would never come to pass. Though the man was saved, a hero was lost, and a villain was given a new chance.” The Watcher

40. “It’s only a failure if it explodes.” Tony Stark

41. “You believe the cure for human suffering is more suffering.” — T’Challa

42. “Yeah, peace. I love peace. I’d be out of a job with peace.” Tony Stark

43. “Power, unearned, can be a very volatile force, cousin. It’ll get the best of you, eventually.” — T’Challa

44. The Watcher: (closing narration) Heroes are never really gone. They live forever. As do the ones they inspire to carry on the fight.

Episode 7: What If… Thor Were an Only Child?

Plot Summary: Thor, who never learned to be a good hero, throws an out-of-control intergalactic party on Earth.


45. “More than battles won or lost, it’s relationships that truly define a hero. The people who shape them, their stories. Thor and Loki, a brotherhood so strong and pivotal, it would change the fate of a universe. Their childhood taught Thor many lessons. But in another universe, instead of raising the Jotunheim prince Loki as his own son, Odin returned him to his people. Without his trickster brother to keep things, let’s say, lively, Thor grew into a very different prince.” The Watcher

46. “The name is Thor, with a T, and an R, and an O. And a H. Not in that order.” Thor

47. Loki: You’re my brother from another mother, Man. I mean it.

48. The Watcher: (closing narration) A world restored, love blossoming. As children, both human and Asgardian, say, together, they lived happily ever after. Wait, what?
Thor: Huh?
The Watcher: (as a bunch of drones comes out of a portal) Oh, dear. Perhaps I spoke too soon. (emerging from the portal is a hybrid of Ultron and Vision with the Infinity Stones on him)

Episode 8: What if… Ultron Won?

Plot Summary: Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton seek to destroy killer-robot Ultron following a cataclysmic event.


49. The Watcher: We’ve seen this before, a universe in the final days of destruction. But this particular story… this, this one breaks my heart.

50. The Watcher: I have seen everything that has ever happened. Ever could happen. And yet, what the hell is this?

51. The Watcher: You’re human. You keep hope against the worst of odds.

52. Carol Danvers: You can’t win.
Ultron: I already have.

53. “I didn’t evolve by staying inside the lines.” The Ultron

54. Ultron: All those words, all that suffering, and you just watched.
The Watcher: I swore an oath. I cannot exert my will on the natural order of things.
Ultron: I am the Natural order of things. I will bring peace. It is my purpose. You lack the will to stop me.
The Watcher: You cannot compute the power of my will.

55. “The entire multiverse at your fingertips, and you spent all your time up there. Isn’t this more fun than just watching? And to be honest, a lot less creepy on your part.” The Ultron

Episode 9: What if… The Watcher broke his oath?

Plot Summary: The Watcher gathers heroes from across the multiverse for one final battle against “Ultra-Vision”.


56. Captain Carter: All right everyone, you all know what to do. You know the plan. Get the soul stone and get it to gamora. We’ll hold the line and she’ll unleash the crusher. With some luck, we’ll be home for dinner.
Thor: Okay, wait. Slow down a little bit. There’s a few people in the room that don’t understand. Not me. I get it. But for them, maybe repeat it.

56. Thor: Hasten, friends. Tonight we feast. For tomorrow, we fight.

57. “A wise sorcerer once told me that to face death is part of the plan. To face death is to conquer one’s greatest fear of the unknown.” — Strange Supreme

58. “I can destroy galaxies with a thought. Why won’t you die?” The Ultron

59. Thor: Viva Las Vegas!
Ultron: Can’t say I’ve heard that battle cry before.

60. Natasha Romanoff: We’re just stories to you. We’re not real.

61. “That’s it, isn’t it? All creatures searching for a place to belong. To call home. As for me, I am the Watcher. The Multiverse, every single world, every story is my home, and I will protect it to the end.” — The Watcher

So, guys, these were some of the best quotes from Marvel’s What if…? series. Overall, I enjoyed the series but I think it’s hit or miss where in some episodes we have got some of the best content from MCU and others not so much. Anyways, let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below.