Who Would Win in a Fight Between Hulk Vs Wolverine?

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Ever wondered who would win a battle between Wolverine and Hulk? If yes, then you’ve just landed at the perfect place. I am calling this a battle between two Powerhouses. With exceptional healing factors, they both are strong contenders to be crowned for this battle.

And Because of that, there’s always been a widespread debate among fans about who is stronger between the two of them. Lucky for us, As they have fought a lot of times in comics, and we even have the Animated series about this. So this won’t be that hard to answer as our other Marvel Battles.

However, as I always say, at last, it depends on writers who they want to win. A great writer can create circumstances where a weak character can outclass the strongest character. And make you root for the weaker one.

Hence is the case between the two of them. Their fight has had different outcomes. But don’t worry I am here to analyze them all and give you a concrete answer based on official facts and stats. First, let’s start with a short and precise answer:

While the fight between Hulk and Wolverine is a close one. Hulk still has an upper hand over Wolverine. His healing factor is superior to that of Wolverine. In the comics, Hulk has torn wolverine apart multiple times along with his adamantium skeleton. Hence making his regenerative factor redundant.

So to be on the safe side. I conclude Hulk wins this fight 8 out of 10. With being nearly indestructible and invulnerable, Hulk just has better stats. But we’ll be looking at the bigger picture here and discuss the fight in detail with different scenarios. So let’s first head over to the next section asap.

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Hulk and Wolverine Stats

First of all, let’s have a look at the stats of both these characters. These scores are given out of 7. Scores are based on the following benchmark:

  1. Durability
  2. Energy
  3. Fighting
  4. Intelligence
  5. Speed
  6. Strength

As you can see, Hulk is way ahead of Wolverine in terms of stats. And these stats are straight away pulled from Marvel’s official site. Now let’s move on to the abilities of both the character:

Hulk abilities:

  • Invulnerability
  • Superhuman strength, stamina, and durability
  • Anger empowerment
  • Regenerative healing factor

Wolverine abilities:

  • Enhanced strength, speed, stamina, durability, endurance, agility, reflexes, dexterity, resilience, flexibility, coordination, balance, and reaction time.
  • Superhuman senses, and animal-like attributes.
  • Extended longevity via regenerative healing factor.
  • Indestructible bones as Adamantium-infused skeleton.
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist.

So these were some of the Major abilities of both the contenders. I believe Hulk is still ahead of Wolverine. In the next section, we’ll discuss these stats in detail.

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Wolverine vs Hulk: Full Battle

Now let’s compare both of them briefly based on the benchmark discussed in the stats table above. And see who beats who in the bigger battle:

Durability: Hulk

Durability here refers to the ability to withstand pressure, wear, or damage. So, let’s compare two of our heroes based on this parameter. While it’s clear from the stats table that Hulk is leading and he gets a full 7 out of 7 points.

But let’s see their Durability feats and judge accordingly. Talking about Hulk: His skin is extremely durable and nearly impenetrable. Once, Hawkeye’s arrows failed to penetrate Hulk’s eyeball.

hawkeye's arrow fails to penetrate hulk's eyeballs

His skin can withstand a Ground Zero explosion, planet-Shattering impacts, and even a blast from Galactus. With his rage, his durability also increases. He even took the blast which Ultron used to soften and manipulate adamantium.

Now Let’s move on to Wolverine: He also had some great durability feats and gets a solid 4 out of 7. But it’s still nothing compared to Hulk. He can withstand at least a few punches from super strong characters like Namor and Hulk.

wolverine survives stealth jet hit

He was once hit by a stealth jet at high speed but was barely disturbed. Once he jumped from a plane and smashed through a H.Y.D.R.A. base. And in the next frame, he looks just fine.

So yes he is also pretty durable but if he put him against the Incredible Hulk he doesn’t stand a chance. Hence Hulk is the winner of this round.

Energy: Hulk

Here energy refers to energy projection. While it seems clear that Wolverine can’t project energy but some of you might be wondering how Hulk scored 5 out 7.

Hulk is known for pounding his hand together to create some kind of energy and force. And this move of his is known as Thunderclaps. Legends have it that Hulk’s Thunderclap are like hurricanes in force so powerful that it could drop enemies even large distances away from him

hulk thunderclaps

Not to mention, World Breaker Hulk, who constantly emits huge amounts of gamma radiation that once destroyed a planet and a nearby moon as a side effect of him fighting someone else. However, he can’t use or direct it to anyone it just leaks out of him.

On the other hand, you can’t expect much from Wolverine in terms of energy projection. But he still has general energy (force or strength) and hence he still gets 1 out of 7. So the Raging monster Hulk wins this round as well.

Fighting Skills: Wolverine

This is where Wolverine takes the lead. He is an expert in martial art and hand-to-hand combat. He also has extensive knowledge and training in different fighting styles.

Wolverine fighting style

Logan has spent countless hours in the Danger Room and helped train skilled fighters like Kitty Pryde, Storm, Black Widow, and more.

So no doubt Wolverine’s fighting style and skills are on par when compared to Hulk who on the other hand depends totally on his rage and strength. Hence it’s safe to say that Wolverine wins this round easily.

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Intelligence: Wolverine

In this context, Intelligence refers to intellect, strategy, and reasoning required for the Planning of War/Battle. Marvel has given Hulk 6 out of 7. It’s essentially Bruce Banner’s point. Since Marvel doesn’t have separate pages for both.

Not to mention Hulk also had a lot of alter egos where he gets near to the IQ of Bruce Banner. For example, Professor Hulk, who had all of Banner’s intellect. While World War Hulk was not Banner-level but was relatively smart, clever, and a skilled tactician.

professor hulk intelligence

On the other hand, Wolverine is pretty smart as well. He has been an assassin, samurai, spy, soldier, and many more. He also learned spy-craft from Black Widow’s father. Logan can speak many different languages which sure requires a good level of intellect.

With that being said he is nowhere closer to the intellect of Bruce Banner. But since we’re comparing Hulk with him, so to be on the fair side I would give Wolverine a win in this round.

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Speed: Hulk

Let’s talk about speed and agility. Talking about Wolverine: He is pretty quick in his attacking technique along with his good running speed. How can one forget this scene from ‘Logan’ where Wolverine comes roaring in to save his daughter.

Wolverine fighting with speed

Just look how quickly he changes his pace of attack and dodges bullets. And completely rips offs that soldier after his quick jump. His sense combined with his speed makes up for a deadly combination. He often strikes faster before his opponent can even register.

On the Other hand, Hulk is quite fast as well. He possesses remarkably strong legs that give him extremely fast movement speed. However, he rarely uses his speed and prefers to open up with a jump attack.

hulk attacks surtur

Both Wolverine and Hulk have great speed and agility. However, the size of the Hulk gives him and a slight edge over Logan. Hence it will be fair to say that Hulk wins this round.

Strength: Hulk

There are no scenarios where Hulk doesn’t come out on top when talking about strength. Hulk has the power of gamma rays with a class strength of 100-ton. For those who don’t know what this is:

It is a Strength scale in Marvel Universe used to measure the power level of characters. And Note that Class Strength of 100-ton implies that the character in question is so strong that it’s impossible to accurately measure their strength.

Hence 100-ton class strength characters can lift much more than 100-ton with greater ease. Look how he once threw a chunk of building effortlessly.

hulk throws a building

His strength is directly proportional to his rage. With that being said a furious enraged Hulk can achieve feats that normal Hulk couldn’t. In short, the angrier he gets the stronger he becomes. And there seems to be no limit to his strength.

On the other hand, Wolverine has enhanced strength. He often lifts, carries, throws, etc. hundreds of pounds with relative ease.

Once he caught and holds an elevator with two people in it with one hand while hanging on the lift cable with another hand. He once threw a shark onto a boat with little to no leverage.

wolverine throws a shark

Both Hulk and Wolverine have achieved a lot of strength feats in their journey. However, Wolverine doesn’t come close to the level of strength or force Hulk has. And Hence Hulk wins yet another round.

Who would win in the MCU?

immortal hulk

While we’ve got Incredible Hulk and Professor Hulk in the MCU, Wolverine’s journey hasn’t been started yet. However, as of now, Disney has acquired the rights to Fox and hence we can expect the X-men to join the MCU pretty soon.

There’s a strong rumor that Hulk vs Wolverine movie is in development at the Marvel Studios. Maybe that’s how they’re gonna introduce X-men to the MCU. We’ll see how that turns out to be.

hulk vs wolverine movie

But back to the point, we can still compare their cinematic versions. If we consider that, we have had a lot of Hulk’s versions. In The Incredible Hulk, he was extremely powerful and the same was the case in Ragnarok but then in Endgame, we got Professor Hulk.

While on the other hand, Wolverine has been somewhat consistent except in Logan where his healing abilities were hindered and hence losing his power due to the poisoning caused by his adamantium skeleton.

To conclude this, I would say Hulk from The Incredible Hulk/Ragnarok will defeat Fox’s Wolverine any day. But Professor Hulk doesn’t stand a chance against Wolverine.

Who would win in the Comics?

Wolverine and Hulk have fought a lot of times against each other in Marvel Comics. Hulk has won their last 2 fights and his strength has increased to where he can break adamantium. Most of the time Hulk has won those battles unless writers want it the other way.

But I will leave some of the greatest fights between them here along with the comic name if you wanna give that story a shot. So let’s get started:

1. Hulk and Wolverine’s First meeting

hulk vs wolverine first meeting

We got their fight in the first-ever appearance of Canada’s greatest hero in The Incredible Hulk #180 and #182. As Hulk wanders into Canada, their government mobilizes Weapon X to kick him out.

But Hulk ends up knocking him unconscious in a single punch. As a result, he is replaced by the Canadian government for being a failure. If you wanna read this story, you can buy this comic now from Amazon.

2. What if Wolverine Had Killed the Hulk?

what if Wolverine Had Killed the Hulk?

What if…? Stories are entirely non-canon and explore key moments in the Marvel Universe if they unfolded differently. What if? #31 takes us back to The Incredible Hulk #181 where wolverine first appeared.

In this version, Wolverine goes insane and continually uses his claws to rip apart Hulk’s throat until the Jade Giant falls dead. So yes he kills Hulk in this alternate version.

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3. Hulk rips Wolverine apart

Wolverine’s first appearance wasn’t the last where he was sent on a mission to assassinate Hulk. In Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk, Logan was sent on a mission to assassinate the Hulk for wearing too many beads around his neck.

hulk ripping wolverine in half

They both meet and were having a conversation where Hulk was talking about his anger issues and how he is cursed. Everything was right Until Logan makes a parting comment about Betty Ross that enrages Hulk and causes him to tear Wolverine in half.

This mini-series takes place between Ultimate X-Men issues 69 and 71 and before Ultimates 2 issue 11. It was a throwback to Wolverine’s comic debut in The Incredible Hulk #180-182.

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4. Old Man Logan kills Hulk

old man logan kills hulk

Here is once such an event where writers decide to go another direction, Wolverine kills Hulk in Old Man Logan, an alternate Universe. Here is how it goes: Hulk eats Wolverine and then Wolverine regenerates inside Hulk’s stomach only to bloodily claw his way from the inside out.

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So, guys, this was my complete in-depth analysis of a fight between Wolverine and Hulk. And I have concluded that there is no way Wolverine can beat the might of Incredible Hulk. And Hopefully, now you all can agree with me.

But then again as I always say in the end it all depends on what the writers want. Anyways let me know what are your thoughts on this battle of powerhouses in the comment section below.