Disney+ New Series: Ms. Marvel, She Hulk, Moon Knight in MCU

New Disney+ Series Coming to MCU :

Disney Plus already has four Marvel original scripted series and an animated show in the works. This Friday, Disney revealed three more. 

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, the puppet master behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He said that Disney Plus would also develop series based on characters She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight.

He announced the shows at a Disney Plus presentation to show off trailers. We also got screen first-look videos and parade talent at its fan convention, the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California.

Release Order of these Series :

  • Live-action series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier with Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan set to premiere in fall 2020.

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  • WandaVision with Elizabeth Olsen in her role of Scarlet Witch and Paul Bettany reprising The Vision in spring 2021.
  • A Loki series featuring Tom Hiddleston in spring 2021. 
  • Marvel’s first animated series, Marvel’s What If…, which explore alternate histories of pivotal moments in Marvel’s stories, had things turned out a different way. 
  • Also What if ? series first episode will be about Peggy Carter. What if Peggy carter Took the Super Soldier Serum. She will be seen Playing Captain Britain.

We Have an Exclusive footage of that :

Disney+ New Series
What if ? First Look
  • A Hawkeye series in fall 2021, starring Jeremy Renner. 

Talking about 3 New Series :

Disney Plus revealed three new series. Including Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, She HULK. These series will be released after Hawkeye respectively.

However, We still don’t have release date for these shows. But Feige confirmed these series will be in Phase 4.

A Brief Overview about these Series :

Ms. Marvel character was first incarnated by Carol Danvers. Who later took up the identity of Captain Marvel. As a result, her name was passed on to Kamala Khan. She is a teen protege of Danvers who is Marvel’s first Muslim character to headline her own comic book. 

The character Moon Knight, or Marc Spector, is a former mercenary and CIA agent who has multiple personalities and is imbued with powers from an Egyptian god. 

Jennifer Walters is the cousin of Bruce Banner. Whose superhuman powers transferred to her when she received a transfusion of Banner’s blood.

So guys let me know what you think about these new Disney Plus Series. Also we will let you know guys if there is an Update about Phase 5. Keep checking this space.