X-Men is coming really soon to the MCU

Hello everyone, how’s it going. Today we find discuss about X-men coming really soon in MCU. Today official Twitter handle of Marvel tweeted something that looked like is confidential. First of all here is that tweet :

X-Men ? Don’t Publish Confidential :

So let’s breakdown what does this even mean. Here is the webpage we get when clicked on the link shared in tweet. So at first this page looks like some coding or incomplete coding. But the catch is it also has 3 images hinting is about X-Men existence or something. Below are those 3 images one by one with there breakdown :

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Complete Breakdown :

Below are those 3 images one by one with there breakdown :

X-Men coming to the mcu

Here we guess this is about Captain America. As we can clearly see residence is Brooklyn, New York that is true for Cap. Also service : US Army, Super Soldier Serum. All this hints that is about Captain America.


This is clearly about Logan aka The Wolverine who is also known as Weapon X. As pic shows mutation, Team X , bones and claws of Adamantium etc. All these hints that this is about Wolverine.

X-men coming to mcu

This images shows Weapon XIII which is know as Fantomex in comics. This also references to X-Men.

But this tweet is still not deleted by Marvel. If it was really confidential then they have been deleted this . Also the thing to notice here is that if you visit this link. Then you will see that at top of this post its written Comics as shown below. Also see that Published June 11, 1999 also written.

Marvel don't share confidential

Maybe this is all Marvel’s Strategy to build a hype around the people as Marvel is expert in doing this. Also notice in all 3 images above I shared it’s written that “All information shared here is unclassified”. Then there is a date – 06/17/19. Maybe this will be actually revealed to is on 17 June. Let’s see what actually happens.

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