Venom might Join MCU in SpiderMan-3

Venom to Join MCU….?

Hello everyone, Today we have a great news for marvel Fans out there i.e, Venom to join MCU very soon. There are many rumours that suggest that Venom will join MCU in SpiderMan-3.

venom to join mcu in spiderman-3
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Earlier there were rumours that Deadpool will Join MCU in SpiderMan-3 as suggested by Jeremy Conrad. However, a new rumor says that won’t be the case, though Sony is trying to get Tom Hardy’s iteration of  in that film instead.

Rumour comes from Roger Wardell

Now this rumour comes from Roger Wardell who has already leaked many things about EndGame and those were 100% true. You can do and check his Twitter profile and see. He predicted many plot points month before EndGame released and those were 100% true. So this can be considered a credible source but there is no confirmation about this rumour. He wrote on Twitter :

He says “Deadpool had his own movies but he never showed up in main X-Men Movies”. That is true cause Deadpool is a R-Rated movie. After Disney acquisition from 21st Century Fox. Disney CEO Bob Iger said that there is a wide possibility that Wade Wilson’s solo film will remain R-Rated.

Deadpool to join MCU in spiderman-3
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So, if Venom enters MCU that might be a problem for SONY as they have planned to introduce many character in their own Universe.

We all know that after far from home, SONY has one more solo SpiderMan film with Marvel and that might feature Venom. However there is no 100% proof to this rumour and might be a false news. But let’s see what Marvel has Planned for Phase 4.

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