2 Real Reasons Why Scott Derrickson Left Doctor Strange 2

Yesterday, Scott Derrickson took to Twitter and gave a shocking statement. He wrote that he is no longer the Director of Doctor Strange 2.

Here is his tweet :

He mentioned that it was a mutual agreement between him and Marvel. Further explained that it was due to creative differences. Obviously he will not explain or tell what’s the exact reason.

However, here we’ll try to explain all the possible reasons for this decision. Ever since Scott Derickson tweeted this, Fans started wondering and talking about various reasons for his decision. Let’s discuss the possible reason :


Why Scott Derrickson Left off Doctor Strange 2

  1. First of all, Fans said that this is because Scott wanted to go full-on horror with this movie. However, Since Disney wants PG-13, this created a difference among Marvel Studios and Scott. So this seems quite a possible reason. But I don’t think just this reason is big enough for Scott to step out of his role as a director.
  2. Another reason could be because Kevin Feige wants to connect both WandaVision and Loki series to Doctor Strange 2. Which means this movie will no longer be n Individual character development movie but rather a next chapter in the MCU timeline. This is the possibility which I put my bet on.

Consequently, people also started mocking Marvel and Disney on social media that they are too afraid of making a horror movie.

Kevin Feige wants to make this movie a really big Chapter in MCU. He wants to explore Multiverse and all but Scott wanted to explore Dr. Strange individually. That’s what created difference among them and Scott decided to step off.

This reason also seems reasonable as we’ve already discussed how WandaVison Plot will be connected to Doctor Strange 2. Then again Loki will also be connected to the Movie. Means this film will become more of a Team up story rather than an Individual’s character story. Which Scott didn’t like. Eventually created the difference between them.

Anyways, this was my opinion on why Scott decided to step off as a director of the Movie. However, I might be completely wrong and there might be some internal beef. You know we can’t be so sure about anything on this.

But still, it’s my take on this story. Please let me know what is your opinion on this in the comment section below.