The complete guide for Spider-Geddon reading order

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Hello, everyone, I am once again back with the reading order of another event from the Marvel Fresh start storyline. Today, I am gonna share the reading order for the Spider-Geddon event. First a little bit info about this event:

Spider-Geddon is a limited 2018 comic book storyline under Marvel Fresh start. It is a sequel to Spider-Verse event, featuring Spider-Man and his supporting heroes. you can also check out the reading order for Spider-Verse event. I have shared that already.

In this storyline, the Inheritors are somehow out of the decimated world where they were kept imprisoned. So now they are determined to take their revenge from the Spider-army.

Spider-Geddon event is further comprised of 5 main events namely, 1. Back to Basics, 2. Web of Venom, 3. Edge of Spider-Geddon, 4. Spider-Geddon Main event, 5. Spider-Geddon Aftermath.

You can refer to these as Road to Spider-Geddon or Tie-ins or whatever. With these, we also have the Aftermath event of Spider-Geddon. I have already shared a brief order of every event in my Fresh Start guide. But here were are gonna discuss this reading order in detail.

1. Back to Basics

So as the name suggests, Peter Parker will get back to his basics and fighting with his old foes. Because Peter Industries are no more and Mary Jane is back in the game again.

But before Spider-Geddon begins, Miles Morales gets a new start in this Marvel Fresh Start series and Parker gets into a battle with vicious Typhoid fever.

Let’s first discuss what are the editions you need to collect before moving onto the reading order:

the amazing spider-man
  1. Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1: Back to Basics

    Collects: Amazing Spider-man #1-6, Free Comic Book Day 2018 (Amazing Spider-man Story)
    Where to Read: Collect now from Amazon
  2. Symbiote Spider-Man

    Collects: Symbiote Spider-man #1-5
    Where to collect: Buy now from amazon
  3. Symbiote Spider-Man: Alien Reality

    Collects: Symbiote Spider-man: Alien Reality (2019) #1-5
    Where to buy: Available on Amazon
  4. Typhoid Fever (2018)

    Collects: Typhoid Fever: Spider-Man #1, Typhoid Fever: X-Men #1, Typhoid Fever: Iron Fist #1
    Where to read: Buy now from Amazon

Here is the reading order for Back to Basics:

  1. The Amazing Spider-Man #2-7
  2. The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1
  3. Symbiote Spider-Man #1-5
  4. Symbiote Spider-Man: Alien Reality #1-5
  5. Typhoid Fever: Spider-Man #1
  6. Typhoid Fever: X-Men #1
  7. Typhoid Fever: Iron Fist #1

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2. Web of Venom

The Fresh Start storyline not only explores Venom’s First host but it dives down to the commencements of the entire race of symbiote.

Join Eddie Brock on his adventures as he is about to uncover shocking revelations about his family and the nature of the symbiote itself in both the main Venom series and the Web of Venom one-shots.

Let’s head over to the editions you need to collect before moving to the reading order. Some of the editions are already collected in our Absolute Carnage Reading guide. But here is the complete list:

web of venom
  1. Venom Vol. 1: Rex

    Collects: Venom (2018) #1-6
    Where to read: By now from Amazon
  2. Venom Vol. 2: The Abyss

    Collects: Venom (2018) 7-12
    Where to buy: Collect now from Amazon
  3. Venom Unleashed Vol. 1

    Collects: Web of Venom: Ve’nam #1, Web of Venom: Carnage Born #1, Web of Venom: Venom Unleashed, Web of Venom: Cult of Carnage #1
    Where to collect: Available at Amazon

Here is the reading order for Web of Venom:

  1. Venom: First Host #1-5
  2. Venom #1-6
  3. Web of Venom: Ve’nam #1
  4. Venom #7-8
  5. Web of Venom: Carnage Born #1
  6. Venom Annual #1
  7. Venom #9
  8. Web of Venom: Venom Unleashed #1
  9. Venom #10-12

3. Edge of Spider-Geddon

Let’s see what are the ditons you need to collect for this event and then I’ll share the reading order:

Edge of Spider-Geddon
  1. Marvel’s Spider-Man: City At War

    Collects: Marvel’s Spider-man: City at War #1-6
    Where to collect: Available at amazon
  2. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Velocity

    Collects: Marvel’s Spider-man: Velocity #1-5
    Where to read: Buy now from Amazon
  3. Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Black Cat Strikes

    Collects: Marvel’s Spider-man: the Black Cat Strikes (2020) #1-5
    Where to buy: Collect now from Amazon
  4. Spider-Geddon: Edge of Spider-Geddon

    Collects: Edge of Spider-Geddon #1-4, Superior Octopus #1
    Where to read: Buy now from Amazon

Here is the reading order for Edge of Spider-Geddon:

  1. Spider-Man: City at War #1-6
  2. Spider-Man: Velocity #1-5
  3. Spider-Man: The Black Cat Strikes #1-5
  4. Spider-Geddon #0
  5. The Superior Octopus #1
  6. Edge of Spider-Geddon #1-4
  7. Spider-Geddon Handbook #1

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4. Spider-Geddon Reading Order

Now finally we’re on the main event. Let’s see what are the editions you need to collect. And then we’ll see the reading order.

  1. Spider-Geddon

    Collects: Spider-Geddon #0-5, Spider-Geddon: Vault of Spiders #1-2
    Where to read: Buy now from Amazon
  2. Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider Vol. 1

    Collects: Spider-Gwen: Ghost-spider 1-4
    Where to collect: Available at Amazon
  3. Spider-Geddon: Covert Ops

    Collects: Spider-force #1-3, Spider-girls 1-3
    Where to buy: Collect now from Amazon

Here’s the reading order for Spider-Geddon:

  1. Spider-Geddon #1-2
  2. Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider #1-2
  3. Spider-Geddon: Vault of Spiders #1-2
  4. The Spectacular Spider-Man #311-312
  5. Spider-Force #1
  6. Spider-Girls #1
  7. Spider-Geddon #3
  8. Spider-Force #2-3
  9. Spider-Geddon #4
  10. Spider-Girls #2-3
  11. Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider #3
  12. The Spectacular Spider-Man #313
  13. Spider-Geddon #5

5. Spider-Geddon Aftermath

This event/story deals with the aftermath of the Spider-Geddon event. By now you have already collected the required editions for this event. So let’s head straight to reading order of Spider-Geddon Aftermath:

Spider-Geddon Aftermath
  1. Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider #4-9
  2. Spider-Ham #1-5
  3. Spider-Man: Noir #1-5
  4. The Superior Spider-Man #1-6
  5. Spider-Man (2018) Annual #1

So, guys, this was a complete reading guide for Spider-Geddon event along with all the tie-ins. hope you were able to solve your problems. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comment section below.