Ant-Man 3 cancelled, will now be an exclusive Disney Plus series

Ant-Man 3 Reportedly Cancelled :

We have a news for MCU fans, good or bad ? I think it’s up to you to decide after reading this article. It’s been reported that Ant-Man 3 is cancelled. Yes, you heard it right, but don’t panic. Just read full article you will get your answers.

According to Cosmic Book News reports, We will no longer see Ant-Man 3 in big screen. However, we are getting an exclusive Ant Man series in Disney Plus streaming service.

There is a lot more to add to this news. So let’s break down this new for you. While we will no longer see Ant-Man 3 in the big screen. However, we will get a Disney Plus series for the same. Major cast and characters will return.

Why Ant-Man 3 got cancelled ?

Ant-Man 3 cancelled

This is not yet a confirmed news. Still it’s a good question to ask why is it even cancelling?

While there can be a lot of reason as to Why Ant-Man got cancelled. We will discuss major points here :

To Diversify the MCU :

We all know that Kevin Feige wants to pursue new genres with Shang-Chi and Blade. I think it’s all because of diversity. It’s also rumored that X-men will see a diverse and race bend characters.

Regarding the diversity thing, Kevin Feige and Marvel are going that route for Phase 4 and beyond.

Due to Financial Reason :

While this may sound illogical at first, because Marvel makes a lot from Box-office. Disney is also willing to spend a lot to give MCU movies a high Budget.

However, if you dig deeper you will see that both Ant-Man movies combined grossed $ 1.136 Billion Million. Means around $500-600 million per movie.

Which is not bad but is so less comparing to what Far From Home, Captain Marvel made. Of course not comparing with Avengers Movie. Just talking about solo ones. So it may seem wise option to move this to Disney Plus.

Lack of time :

This may also sound quite funny. Because it’s their work to make movies. But Kevin Feige now has much bigger properties to develop, with the X-Men and Fantastic Four. Notice that Kevin Feige will no longer produce any Marvel Disney plus shows.

So Marvel wants Feige to shift his time to those IP who are much bigger of a franchise in themselves. Ant-Man is really popular with kids and families, which is Disney+ target audience. So it will fit in nicely with the streaming service.

This news/rumor comes from Mike Sutton. He also shared that a HULK vs Wolverine Movie is in Development. We have already talked about him in the Previous articles. Most of his predictions have gone right.

So guys this was whole coverage about this news or rumor. Maybe we will still get another Ant-Man movie but only after the Disney Plus series. When Marvel may think to work upon that.

However, as of now Ant-Man 3 seems to be cancelled. Let me know what are your thought on this in the comment section below.