Is Loki Dead or Alive? Here’s how he is going to return

I am a huge fan of Loki and so you are cause you’re here. We all know that the god of mischief has faked his death a lot of time in his entire MCU journey. But After Endgame fans are wondering whether Loki is dead for real this time or not.

As also said by Thanos “No resurrection this time“. So if you’re also wondering about this question then don’t worry you’ve landed in just the right place. Today I’m going to break it out for you.

Every Loki fan was really shocked to see Thanos snapping his neck in Infinity War. Fans were wondering if Loki is dead or not? While some thought that he would return in Endgame and other thought he is dead for real.

However, now after finally watching the movie, it looks like Loki is dead for real this time.

First of all, I’m sorry to break it down to you. For now, the Loki from the main timeline is dead. As we saw him die in Avengers: Endgame.

But wait, what if I tell you that he can still return to the MCU? And in a way that will make perfect sense. Or should I say in a way Marvel has planned this?

Yes, you heard it right and it’s about the main timeline Loki and not the one who escaped with tesseract in Endgame. It’s about the same timeline Loki. So stick to this article to get your answers.

How Loki Died in the Endgame

First, we’ve to go to Endgame where we saw him die. Let’s break it down and see for any potential hints or if we can find something with the way he died. So last time we the main Timeline Loki, he was in this Position :

Loki is dead

And yes we also see Loki in Endgame. However, he was from 2012 Timeline, who escaped with the Tesseract. So we’ll be talking about the Main timeline one. The Loki from the 2012 timeline who escapes with the tesseract is somehow going to be connected to the main timeline.

This is what Marvel is planning to do. Not to mention we also have a Loki Disney Plus series in Marvel Phase 4. Which reportedly will show the adventures 2012 Loki will do after escaping with the Tesseract.

So my take is that they will connect 2012 Loki to the main timeline one. And we’re just going to discuss how that will potentially save the main timeline Loki.

The Sun will shine on Us Again

So let’s go back to Endgame once more and see how Loki behaved in front of the MAD Titan Thanos.

The sun will shine on us again

If you remember what Loki said to Thanos before giving the Tesseract. He said, “I assure you brother, the sun will shine on us again.” So now we’re done watching Endgame. This may or may not be right as of now depending on how we interpret this quote.

Maybe he was talking about the HULK, or maybe about Asgardians that they will soon get a new Asgard. But how he was so sure about this? Now my theory says that this Loki is from 2012 Timeline.

Yes, I know it might sound dumb to some but it’s Marvel right. And I’m just going to give some constructive points to support this theory. Let’s connect all the dots and see where we can go with this theory.

Since Marvel already revealed that in Loki Disney+ TV series we will see 2012 Timeline Loki who will do his normal mischief things.

Later, Many theories arrived stating that this 2012 Loki will somehow find a way to return to the main Timeline. As a result, we will see him in Thor 4. Possibly bringing Mjolnir.

Loki will return

Now we’ll discuss why the Loki we saw dying might be from the 2012 timeline.

The first question that came in my mind is why would Loki even tried to stab Thanos with a knife. Like seriously dude, he’s got the balls.

Loki escapes

Explanation: Because this Loki is from 2012 who Thanos sent to get the Space Stone. So Loki didn’t exactly know what he could do and was capable of.

Secondly, Have you ever noticed how he calls Hulk for help? Yes, you answered it right, the Loki said: “We have a Hulk.”

loki we have a hulk

If you remember, in The Avengers (2012) that’s how Tony Stark replied Loki when he said: “I have an army“.

tony we have a hulk

Now, Loki’s “We have a Hulk“dialogue in Endgame makes more sense. Maybe the 2012 Loki just went to the events of Ragnarok of the main Timeline. Yes, I know some fans will say that it’s just a call back to 2012 Avenger.

But imagine, if what I’m saying comes to be true then fans will say that Marvel planned this all along. So it’s fair to have this point to support this theory.

Loki captured by Time Variance Authority

However, if Loki wants to jump to Ragnarok’s timeline he needs to do Time–Travel or Time-heist as Scott lang said. But he doesn’t have any Time Machine or stuff that Avengers had.

Time Variance Authority in loki

But here is an update: Marvel released ‘Big Game spot‘ where we just got 2 sec of footage from Loki series. From that one frame, we’ve got quite useful info, Loki is captured by Time Variance Authority, they are heavily related to time travel. You can check this article as well.

So we can pretty much confirm that he is going to do time traveling at one point or another in the Disney Plus series.

We know that 2012 Loki escaped with Tesseract and whatever he does with the Tesseract will be shown in the Disney Plus series. Then he will eventually find a way to get back in the Main Timeline.

This will allow the Main timeline Loki to escape. If you have noticed, Loki suddenly comes out to save Thor when HULK-Thanos fight.

Now, the Sun will shine on us again Line, this tells more than we could even think of. The 2012 timeline Loki knew that The Avengers will Time Travel to undo the Snap. We will see him figuring this out in the Disney Plus series.

So my take on this is that we never saw the main Timeline Loki after Thor: Ragnarok’s mid-credit scene. It was the main timeline Loki from the start of the Infinity War.


So, guys, this was my theory about how the Main timeline Loki is still alive and doing his own stuff. Though it will be strange that he is just roaming around when half of the Universe got dusted. OR Maybe he was too. I hope we will get all these answers in the LOKI series.

Nevertheless, you should take this theory as a grain of salt. However, I really wish that this comes out to be true.

Anyways, whatever is the outcome. We must be pretty excited about this series. As we’ll get to see more of our beloved Tom Hiddleston. So are you guys excited about the Loki series and what do you guys think about this theory? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.