Marvel and DC are both eying for Keanu Reeves

Its Marvel vs DC as both eying for Keanu Reeves

Marvel and DC both are eying for Keanu Reeves. Both studios want him in their respective Cinematic Universe. As we all know the awesome success of the John Wick movies, Keanu Reeves happens to be a hot commodity.

Now Keanu Reeves is being eyed for comic book movies including roles for Marvel as well as a possible return to DC.

As per the rumours we have from Cosmic Book News and WGTC. It has been reported that the reason Warner Bros. decided to go forward with The Matrix 4 is to keep Keanu Reeves from doing a Marvel movie. Also to bring him back as John Constantine in the DCEU.

Marvel DC eying keanu
Keanu Reeves as Adam Warlock

Kevin Feige already explained that they want Keanu Reeves in MCU. Also that Marvel has talked about using the actor. They are just trying to figure out the right role. But I am damn sure we will see him in Phase 4 or atleast in Phase 5.

However, Reeves having gone so far as stating the only comic book character he really wants to play is Wolverine.

Another rumor actually offers that Reeves’ John Wick team wants him to play Moon Knight.Disney+ series is also Confirmed for Moon Knight. Also some reports suggests that Keanu Reeves himself wants to play Adam Warlock for James Gunn in Guardians of the Galaxy 3.

The Silver Surfer’s name has also come up in fan casting for the MCU as well as Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four.

Possible roles for Keanu in both Studios :

Marvel DC eying keanu
Keanu Reeves as Wolverine

So with all this talk of Keanu Reeves possibly landing a Marvel gig. Its being claimed that Warner Bros. wants to keep Reeves in house Hence they went with The Matrix 4.

As a result this will keep Reeves away from the MCU. Consequently he will not get the time to do a Marvel movie.

In addition to The Matrix 4, it is also claimed that Warner Bros. wants to bring back Keanu Reeves as Constantine, from the 2005 movie. Also that Hellblazer character may appear in a rebooted Deathstroke movie, or possibly the upcoming New Gods film.

It’s claimed that at one time Colin Farrell was up for the role of Constantine, but it is said that is no longer the case. Bringing back Keanu Reeves as Constantine does makes sense if WB does want to keep the actor out of Marvel.

Personally I would like to see him in both Universe, but that doesn’t seems to be possible right now.

Anyways, what role you guys wants Keanu to Play ? Also in which Universe ? Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.