Top 10 Most Powerful Mutants from the Marvel Universe

most powerful mutants

The X-Men Universe has its own separate fan base. Thanks to Fox’s X-Men Universe. Although they were already pretty popular even before X-Men’s movies. But we should give credit where it’s due. Anyways, today we’re gonna talk about the 10 most powerful mutants from the Marvel Universe. These mutants are considered omega or beyond omega-level … Read more

The 10 Most Deadliest Villains Wolverine Ever Faced

best wolverine villains

Marvel’s most popular mutant Logan/James Howlett aka The Wolverine has faced equally popular villains like him in his heroic career. He has come across almost every type of person from normal beings with a motive, mutants to even his fellow teammates. Even though he has a regenerative healing factor but that doesn’t make him invincible. … Read more

The 10 most sinister Iron Man villains

best iron man villains

Marvel’s Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist aka the Iron Man has faced a lot of villains in his entire life. Whether he encountered them while trying to save the world or stopping their evil plan of conquering the world. Or the enemies he acquired while living his other life as Tony Stark, the CEO of Stark … Read more

Top 10 Greatest Fantastic Four Villains

fantastic four villains

Today we’re gonna talk about the top villains of Marvel’s first family, the Fantastic Four. While everyone knows about the infamous Dr. Doom. This list just doesn’t stop there. Fantastic Four has gone on a lot of exciting journeys and exploration of the different worlds along with cosmic travel but that comes with a price. … Read more