She-Hulk rumored to have a cameo in WandaVision

She-Hulk in WandaVision

Today, we have exciting news for all the MCU fans. She-Hulk is rumored to appear in WandaVision. It’s been reported that She-Hulk is going to debut in MCU in the upcoming Disney Plus WandaVision series. She-Hulk, aka Jennifer Walters the cousin of Bruce Banner. She is a Lawyer by profession. It’s being rumored that she will have … Read more

Christian Bale being eyed for Thor: Love and Thunder as Beta Ray Bill?

Christian bale Beta Ray Bill

Today we have a great piece of news for Marvel fans. Former Batman or may I say the best Bastman aka Christian Bale is in talks for Thor: Love and Thunder.Beta Ray Bill. Yes, you’ve heard it right. However, it’s still unclear which character he is being eyed for. But our probable guess is he … Read more

Marvel Studios Developing Projects with ‘The Defenders’ characters

projects with the defenders

Rumor: It’s been reported that Marvel is already considering Projects with the Defenders Characters. Ever since the cancellation of all the Netflix Marvel shows. There was a massive outrage against Marvel Fans. As fan’s favorite shows like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Punisher, Luke cage, Iron Fist got canceled. However, The Defenders was always an exclusive series. … Read more

Quicksilver return for WandaVision teased by an Audition Tape

quicksilver in wandavision

Today we are going to share very good news for MCU fans. We’ve got a new audition tape for WandaVision. This audition tape teased the return for quicksilver in the MCU. So let’s breakdown this audition Tape. We haven’t seen much Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver in MCU. He was introduced and killed in Avengers: Age of Ultron. … Read more

Why Disney Plus Preponed WandaVision to 2020?

Today, we got really good news from Disney. They have moved up Marvel’s Upcoming TV series WandaVision to 2020. Yes, you heard it right it’s a piece of great news from Disney for Marvel Fans. Let’s get into this and breakdown possible reasons for this Pre-ponding of the show. The Disney Plus streaming service is going … Read more

Disney Plus: All Available countries with the Release date and Pricing

Disney Plus is a Video-on-Demand streaming service. The Walt Disney Company owns this new streaming platform. This will be Walt Disney’s answer to Netflix. So here you will find the list of all countries where Disney Plus will be available. Disney Plus Available countries with Pricing Disney Plus officially released in November 2019, only in … Read more

WandaVision plot explained: Will wanda be the Main Villain?


Marvel Studios announced a lot of Disney Plus series at SDCC. WandaVision was one of them. Perhaps the most anticipated TV series in all of the Phase TV shows announced. Today, we’re gonna discuss potential Plot for WandaVision which is based on comics. Plot: WandaVision will explain why Wanda is called Scarlet witch. It will … Read more